Hair Modelling

Photo Shoot with Vic Bess

Ladies First music video BTS

Nasty Women Unite Fest

Nasty Women Unite Fest

Behind camera

Mahima ADing on sets of 'Sallow" dir by Gabrielle Adkins.

Teaser Shoot

Mahima on set for an undesclosed web series.

The Female Role Model Project


Product - Masks by Jessika Doyel Photography: Suzy Sadler

Chokher Bali

Mahima with Sara Suzuki promoting Hypokrit Theatre Company's production- "Chokher Bali" Pic Credits: Kyle Rosenberg

Boston Marriage

Mamet with Scott Zigler. Atlantic Acting

Mahima as Glutton

Production: The Quest Choreographed by Ryan Martyr Photograph: Hansraj College


Classical Drama

"My Man Godfrey"

Screw Ball Comedy with Paul Urcioli

Shakespeare at the Highline

Henry V

Post Office Tech

George Street Playhouse, NJ

Ladies First music video BTS