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I am an actress, writer, producer, choreographer, cupcake admirer and a cheerleader of everything books, Bollywood and Beyonce.


Artistic Mission.

To create work that manifests the most potent magic of which storytelling is capable of. Work that spreads beauty and understanding of the immigrant experience. Work whose function is to quicken in the minds and hearts of the people an appreciation of the nobility of suffering, to awaken in them a sense of the sublime, to rouse them from their torpor, their state of inactivity and through a heightening of the emotions make the audience aware of the mystery, wonder and the inexhaustibility of the human spirit. 


I grew up in New Delhi, India and literally copied everything SRK did. I won the Mother DeSales cup in high school while he won its male equivalent, the Sword of Honor. I went to University of Delhi, Hansraj College for my Bachelors Degree (just like him), joined Barry John’s Acting studios (just like him) and decided to pursue acting (just like him).

My favorite theatre credits include: Sanam in the NY premiere of Queen by Madhuri Shekar, APAC. Mrs. Sohail in Jhaanjhar Di Paawan Jhankar by Faatima Maan (National Queer Theatre) and Anjali in Hiding Kanye (Winner Best Actress in a Feature Role, Tamasha.)


Apart from following SRK's footsteps, I write-edit-proudce-direct content for NYC's L2g Productions. Credits include: As You Are (winner Best Writer at Buddha Int’l Film Festival 2020 and Best Romantic short Tagore Int’l Film Festival 2020), Evening Commute (semi- finalist: Best Short Fest 2019). She (Official selection: Anti-Clock Film’s Acting and Filmmaking Challenge, 2020).






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